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For convenient access, this keyboard has volume control, e-mail, home key, calculator, and power button located on top. With one-touch buttons on the volume controls you can increase, decrease, and mute the volume with ease. The keyboard has low-profile keys, which do not make any noise and ..
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The Logitech M275 is a beautifully designed wireless optical mouse that is specifically made for right-hand usage. It is extremely easy to use and comes with an impressive battery life of up to 18 months. It also features Logitech’s optical tracking technology, that lets you control the cu..
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The Logitech MK290 Media Keyboard and Mouse is a durable keyboard-and-mouse combo that puts the things you do frequently just one click away. The one-touch controls give you faster access to music, volume, the Internet, and more. For convenient access, this keyboard has volume control, e-mail..
GHS90.00 Ex Tax:GHS90.00
It allows the transfer of data as well as connectivity to peripherals...
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